Porsche is a premier brand which has been manufacturing cars
since 1931. It is one of the world leaders in the field of luxury and racing
cars. It’s a company based in Germany and is known worldwide for its quality

The founder of the Porsche car company an Austro-Hungarian
engineer born at Maffersdorf. Professor Ferdinand Porsche (or ‘Dr. Ing. h. c.
F. Porsche GmbH’, to give its proper name) became a technical Director at
Austro-Daimler in Wiener Neustadt in the year 1906. At the age of only 31, he
was responsible for the model range of one of Europe’s largest automotive
concerns. He was the person responsible for the designing of the rear engine
concept used in the Volkswagen Beetle, a revolution in the field of automotive.
In 1931 Porsche set up a facility to manufacture racing cars that would one day
bear his name. The designs used for the Beetle became the prototype for the
first Porsche cars, and the first Porsche (the Porsche 64) was assembled in the
year 1939.
World War II put a spanner in the works of the company, but
business picked up after the war. The Porsche and the Beetle have an
intertwined history as they have developed and moved forward together. In fact,
after the war, when car parts were in short supply, Porsche used components
from the Volkswagen Beetle including its gearbox, engine, and suspension.
Moving together but diverging later, Beetle became the people’s car while
Porsche moved into the realm of luxury cars.
The Porsche logo has been one of the premier and most
recognizable symbols on race tracks around the world. Cars from the Porsche
stables have won an astounding number of races (more than 28,000) in various
competitions. In 2006 and 2007 Porsche built more than 450 different race cars
for various international motorsports events. Porsche has secured their human
resources by investing in training to impart more skills to their staff, and
they feel motivated and give their best through innovations. They are also
unique in how they design and manufacture their vehicles, which are
cost-effective, safe and of the highest quality.
Porsche parts
The Porsche parts are designed and manufactured to
specifically meet certain requirements. For instance, Porsche wheels can be
manufactured in different styles namely the Mulsanne, Zehn, Tourismo, lemans or
Florio the styles and making of these wheels is usually dependent on the user
requirements. Additionally, the parts usually change depending on the car model
Buying a Porsche:
There are a few reasons purchasing a Porsche will put you at
the top of the pecking order on a motorway and give you status. The first
reason is that 99% of saloons to be found in the fast lane are diesel powered
emission junkies, saving fuel and the planet in the toe. If you drive a
Porsche, you are instantly showing that not only can you afford to burn fuel at
the rate of a possible 25MPG, but you are also successful in the management of
your lifestyle.
If you buy a Porsche (whether it be a Boxster, Cayman, 911,
Panamera or Cayenne), you can be safe in the knowledge that your car will hold
its value for at least three years, provide the mileage does not exceed silly
amounts. Porsche’s are always in high demand second hand and dealers will often
offer you a good price just so that they can have your car in their forecourt.


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